Implementing the "No Arseholes Policy"

Warning: contains coarse language! ... No Assholes Rule... we spell differently here so that you can tell who can spell and who can't...> My recent trip across the Nullarbor with Mitch created many opportunities for long conversations (hell for Mitch, heaven for me)! One of the subjects which created much hilarity was about nightmare customers. Like every business, we've both had a few. Mitch told me that his company had a "no arseholes policy". Robert Sutton from Harvard Business Review. I must have missed that article. I now think Robert Sutton is brilliant. I still think Mitch is funny.> Anyhow, so, yesterday I deployed the rule. What gold. The lion roared. Talking about feeling empowered. The very rude retailer will no longer be stocking Queen B candles. These are direct, word for word, quotes from our email exchange: Retailer: "i just received stock and sadly 4 large beehives are slightly damaged" Queen B: "Please send a photograph of any damaged stock... we'll get them picked up... and send another pack" Retailer: "They are slightly damaged, the bee's are stuck to the bags and have chipped off.. a photo would'nt (sic) show the full extent of the damage..." Queen B: "What would you like me to do?" Retailer: "Replace!" (that was the entire email by the way) Queen B: "Then please send a photograph of the damaged items as requested" Retailer: "...You (sic) completely out of line" Ironic really. Apart from the obvious angst that these sorts of things cause, it is just entirely unnecessary. Thankfully given the nature of what we sell, we primarily attract gorgeous, lovely, thinking customers who send beautiful emails daily that nourish us and keep us going. So let your inner lion roar. Life's too short to be someone else's punching bag. Better still, get it off your chest. Share with us your deployment of the "no arseholes policy". And to the myriad of wonderful people who engage with us every day... thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your emails are read out loud to the team. Your calls are shared over tea. Your stories are shared with the neighbours in our industrial block at "Slow Cooker Thursday" lunches. Your words get us up in the morning and lull us to sleep at night. I LOVE youse all. As an antidote, I recently had the opportunity to take my 4 year old niece to ballet. Puts it all in perspective really.

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