Queen B Rewards

Queen B's Rewards program is a simple way of rewarding customers for their support and relationship with us.  As we all know, the more you put into a friendship, the more rewarding it is and that is exactly how our program is designed.
We want to make a difference in our customers lives (if we didn't, we'd make scented soy wax candles and be rich)! 
We want to share knowledge and information... because knowledge is power.  That's why we reward you for subscribing to our newsletter.  We also have an exclusive discount offer in every newsletter that is only offered to newsletter subscribers.
We want to share beautiful visuals to inspire you, so follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram and you'll earn points that way too.
We want future potential customers to have authentic reviews from actual customers, so we reward you for writing reviews that we know carry more weight than anything we say.
And finally, we like to reward those that support us 'the most' in terms of being able to afford to keep a roof over our heads.  Whether you're buying for yourselves or thinking of us every time you need to give a gift, say thanks or light an occasion, we'd love to be front of mind.

To Redeem Your Points

Step 1 -

Go to the Home Page of our website (you can click on the Queen B logo at the top of any page and it will take you back to the home page).


Step 2 -

Log in to your account by clicking on the 'head & shoulders icon' in the top right hand corner of the home page.


Step 3 -

Once you're logged into your account you'll see a 'BEE REWARDED' button at the bottom left hand corner of the page.

Step 4 -

When you click on BEE REWARDED you'll see a box pop up that looks something like the image below.  Note that at the bottom of the box it tells you how many points you have:


Step 5 -

If you click on 'Earn Queen B Rewards' you'll see the following screen which shows you all the ways to earn Queen B Rewards Points:


Step 6 -

If you close that and go back and click on 'Get Rewards', you'll see what rewards are available to you given your points balance (and how many more points you need to earn in order to earn a higher reward) per the image below.  Note, the rewards get progressively 'cheaper' in terms of the number of points required as the value of the reward gets higher... so you're better of saving points for a larger discount if you are a regular Queen B customer.


Step 7 -

To redeem points, click the yellow 'Redeem' button next to the reward you're wanting to redeem for:


Then click on the green tick and you'll get confirmation that you've redeemed those points and what reward you've got.


Step 8 - 

Click refresh in the bottom right hand side of the screen (the clock with an arrow) and you'll now see your voucher at the top of your Rewards page (you can click copy here to copy the discount code if you're ready to use it immediately).

You'll also see how many points you have remaining and how many more you need to earn to get your next reward.


Step 9 - 

Paste the discount code into the Discount Code field in the checkout process and then click the Apply button.


Step 10 - 

Check that the discount has been applied to your order:


If you don't want to use your discount code straight away, we will also email a copy of it to you.



  • You need to have, and be logged into, your Queen B account in order to accrue reward points.
  • Reward points are a gift from us as heartfelt thanks for your support.  It is by choosing to use, gift, share and recommend Queen B candles that we are able to continue supporting our beekeepers, the regional communities they live in, the jobs we create at Queen B and our many Australian suppliers and to continue providing the purest light imaginable to light up your lives and the small and big moments in it.
  • You are only able to use one discount code per order.  This is a Shopify limitation not a Queen B limitation.
  • This discount code cannot be applied to the freight cost of your order.