How to Order

What is the difference between clear and aluminium cups?

They are both of the same size, and both are recyclable. It is mainly a matter of appearance. The clear cups are polycarbonate VO rated so there are zero ommisions from them. For further reading please click here.

How many tealights/candles come in a box?

All of our packs are listed on our website with details of their contents listed.

Can you screenprint a design for my candle?

We have created and continue to create bespoke candles for many major brands including Dinosaur Designs, Cartier, Swarovski and The World Wildlife Fund. It is all a question of economics. Please contact us on thehive@queenb.com.au

Which size candle should I buy to fit my candle holder?

If you click on the dimensions of the candles you will find all the information about sizing there. All our standard candles are of the global standard sizes.

Do you deliver overseas?

Yes we do. The website will calculate the shipping charges for you. Please note that you may be charged duties or import taxes from your own Government. All overseas orders are GST exempt.

Do you do corporate gifts or Hampers?

Yes we do, please contact us at The Hive to discuss options - thehive@queenb.com.au

Can you recommend a candle for meditation?

We always recommend our Bee Lights or Tapers for meditating.

Can I order a custom sized candle from you?

We spend hours testing new candles and with over 1,000 cotton wicks in our range, it simply isn’t financially viable to make individual sized candles. However if you have a large budget please send us an email at thehive@queenb.com.au

How do I find a shop near me?

Please send us an email or give us a buzz and we will try to locate one for you.

I have forgotten my password?

Please use the forgotten password link. We can’t change your password for you due to privacy and security.

Can I get urgent deliveries?

Yes - you are empowered to choose how fast and how much you want to pay.

Candle Burning

My tealight’s don’t burn correctly

As beeswax is a natural ionizer, from time to time if there is a change of circumstances near your candle they may not burn in an efficient way. If your neighbors have started renovations there may be more negative irons in the atmosphere, - eg building dust. The candle will be working harder to collect these particules and therefore will not burn as brightly or for as long. This will also be true if there are road works near you. Similarly if you live near a National Park you may experience problems.

Will my candle drip?

If there is any type of a breeze your candle will drip. This can also be from a fan or air conditioning or if your candle is not sitting on a flat surface. Most Queen B candles do not drip. However there are some exceptions to this rule. These are would be Tapers and Bee Lights, our shaped candles such as Burning Love or Christmas trees.

I have bought other beeswax candles which won’t burn properly, will yours?

Whilst we can’t speak for other manufacturers, we are more than happy to put our money where our mouth is, and deliver a product which does. There are many hobbyist candle makers out there who don’t realize that there are many different types of beeswax which all burn differently. Let alone the hours of testing and comparing of over 1,000 cotton wicks which we use. If you feel like sending us your candles which won’t burn we will swap it for a Queen B equivalent at a 25% discount. Send us an email at thehive@queenb.com.au

Candle Safety

I burn soy candles is this ok?

Please read our blog on soy candles.

I am getting married and I don’t want to poison my guests what do you suggest?

Please read our blog on weddings.

Candle Making

Do you run candle making classes?


About our candles

Do you use organic beeswax?

By definition beeswax is organic
Dictionary definition: Relating to or derived from living matter.

Unlike other beeswax candle suppliers who claim to be organic. We take a more conservative approach, even though we can legally say we are organic. We understand our consumers are more discerning and would look for a certified organic product. So we prefer to make no claims. You can read the below blog for further information.

Will the candles melt if I leave them in my car/ sun / warm confined place?

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend leaving candles locked in your car or a confined place, the highest melting point for beeswax is 63 degrees Celsius. So you would probably expire yourself before your candles would melt.

Do you do scented candles?

No. For further information and notes, click here.

Do you sell coloured candles ?

No. Again for the same reasons as we don’t scent the beeswax. We don’t want to sell toxic fume omitting candles.

Is your beeswax edible?

Yes, however it is much nicer in honeycomb form straight from the beehive. The only added ingredient our candles contain is the 100% cotton wick.

Why are your candles so expensive?

Beeswax as a raw material is 50 times the price of paraffin. Picture this, if we were to work on the same margins as a $5.00 paraffin candle we would have to charge $250.00 for the same candle.

Then consider that Australian wages are approximately 60 times higher than the official Chinese wage our $250.00 candle would now become $15,000 still working on the same margins as someone importing from China.

We have and will always continue to make our candles affordable. At the same time we are supporting Australian Made, Australian Bee keepers and we get all our packaging and metal candle holders made in Australia.