Know About Queen B Australia

About Queen B

At Queen B we strive to create beautiful and stylish things that nourish the human spirit and nurture our environment.

For complete health, we need to look after body, mind and spirit. We now work longer hours, under more stressful conditions, than ever before. There is an ever increasing focus on physical health, yet comparatively little said about looking after our mental health.

At Queen B, we always delight in the fact that our candles are a part of so many special occasions - be it a romantic evening, spending time with friends, lying in a warm luxurious bath, or simply just being. We'll take care of lighting, ambience and purifying the air you breathe while you take care of you.

At Queen B we only use 100% pure Australian beeswax in our candles – because it is Australian and of the highest quality in the world. Unfortunately, over 98% of candles sold in the market are made from paraffin – a petro-chemical by-product.

Burning beeswax candles is better for your environment - your immediate environment in the room where you burn your candles, and also the environment in general. While a paraffin candle emits toxic smoke when burning (similar to the smoke coming out of a car exhaust), a beeswax candle will purify the air you breathe through ionisation.

The choice is simple.