2012 Blog Stats - the Year in Review

Every January, Wordpress send me a summary of blog statistic which always makes for interesting reading. Taking up around 200 hours a year (4 hours per week) it is a big time investment, but I think it is useful given all the thought that goes into what we do.

So, here's what caught your fancy in the past 12 months... drum roll... our top 5 posts were:

Say hello to our new, reusable, clear tealight cups
Choosing the ‘right’ candle… it’s all about the burn time
Why the white beeswax Queenie?
Beeswax candles are better value than soy, palm or paraffin – the facts & figures

Roll Your Own Christmas trees

The top 5 search terms through which people found our blog were

  • when things go wrong as they sometimes will
  • mona tasmania
  • the most romantic picture ever
  • porcelain dome tealight holder
  • queen b candles

Go figure! Those were a bit of a surprise to me.

The top 5 countries from which visitors to our blog came were:

Australia FlagAustralia
United States FlagUnited States
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom
Canada FlagCanada
India FlagIndia

And, the busiest day of the year was November 15th with 502 views. The most popular post that day was Feedback to bring a tear to your eye.

If there is something you loved particularly, something you'd love to see more of or any tips you have for a better Queen B blog, please comment or let me know.

Here's to a fabulous 2013.

Cate xx

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