And you call that a job?!

Is it called a "job" when you do something that you absolutely, passionately, heart and soul LOVE every day? Do you call it a job when you work with people you genuinely like and other people that you genuinely like call you up, pop in or send you emails wanting some of what you've created with your bare hands? Surely there isn't a job in the world where you get emails like this...

"Thank you for the fastest delivery I ever experienced.

When I opened the boxes I felt as if I was opening up a box of the most delicious fine chocolates without the calories, just the pure delight of the fragrant beeswax, and as for the furniture polish, well my first thought was that the furniture was going to receive a treatment I wish my own chemical sensitive skin was in desperate need of (especially in winter).

Bit quirky, maybe, but there you go. I thought you might be interested in my experience. Any chance of a good chemical free effective skin moisturiser in the future?

Oh and the Bee Lights gift are just awesome. Thank you so much.

A happy (if somewhat dry) customer. :) N"

Or how about this one from one of another beautiful soul using our bee created light to send light where it is needed most

"Thank you, lovely Bees, for my amazing tea lights and Bee Lights. They make winter so pleasant.
I use your lovely gift, the jam jars -how adorable small are they, thank you! - to think of the ones - children, women and other victims - being killed in wars. Sending some light to war zones is the least I can do.
We hope you are well, Cate and team!
Kindest regards, Y"
Sometimes we have to pull out all stops when light is needed fast, but we are rewarded tenfold with emails like this one last week
"Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting the candles to me so quickly. They are absolutely beautiful and the personalised candle is already much loved.
When I opened the front door this morning it was there waiting for me. I was not expecting it to arrive until later today. Consequently my mum and I were able to take it this morning to the place where my Nan was being cremated at 8am and we lit it for her there.
Nan's candle and the tapers will then be taken to the wake tomorrow where I will light it again. All the guests will then be lighting their tapers off Nan's candle. Again, thank you so much for the effort you put in to make sure I had the candles I wanted in time for the remembrance. With much appreciation, E"
And then there are the customers that are wonderful storytellers in their emails and we're transported to their side like this one a couple of days ago
"Hi Queen B,
Many thanks for my recent order of beautiful bee glassware and tea lights, what a beautiful gift to myself!!! It is burning loveliness beside me as I make myself comfortable in my special chair and relax at the end of the day.
Just love your beeswax candles and all that Queen B and the little workers stand for, just pure goodness and great quality products. Best wishes, S"
It's pretty hard not to be passionate about what you do when you get to play a role in supporting bees and beekeepers and sending out light every day AND you get emails like these in return. When I saw it advertised in heaven I applied for the job immediately. And people wonder why I love working so much?!
Thanks for allowing us all to do what we love.
Cate xx

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