Feedback to bring a tear to your eye

Earlier this week I received an email that brought a tear to my eye. I wanted to get permission to share it - and that I now have. This is why I do what I do... "Cate, I spent the early evening with our 9 year old grandson, chatting out on the patio. I brought out some of your candles as the sun went down... the ambience was very significant. he and I had a wonderful conversation... his parents are divorcing... it was very special. your candles were a special part of that and I wanted you to know. do you market ambience?...I am sure that you do...perhaps my situation is unique." Thanks CD. While your email brought a tear to my eye. It is wonderful to get out of my head and to feel. I'm not sure that words can actually ever describe what a gift bee created candle light is, but yours sure rocked my world. Cate xx

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