I'm a little (enamel) teapot...

There are some things in life whose worth is greater than the sum of its parts. For me it's enamel teapots. When I started pouring beeswax candles about a decade ago (O.M.G!... yes, punctuation intentional) I went down to a camping supplies store to buy my first enamel teapot. In those days Queen B was just me, pouring & rolling candles in a garage with a concrete floor.
beeswax candlemaking, enamel teapot, beeswax tealight candle, from the northern light beeswax tealight The early days... me, an enamel teapot and molten beeswax - my happy place!
I digress here slightly because I wandered down memory lane and thought it worth sharing said garage and said concrete floor!
bleaching beeswax by the northern light at Queen Bee's original hive The original Queen B hive on North Head at Manly with buckets of beeswax bleaching in the sun
beeswax candlemaking at Queen B's original hive Early days... built tough - beeswax candles made to last! not for the weak knee'd.
Of course we, and our enamel teapots, now work in much plusher surroundings - OH&S now demands softer floors for our enamel teapots which is a happy coincidence for care of candlemaker's ankles and knees. Long term employees are the holy grail of small business and I am extraordinarily grateful to recognise that our current teapots have been in service for over 6 years. And just to put that in perspective, that's two teapots, worth around $30 each pouring well in excess of 700,000 candles. I bow down in admiration. There are few things you could buy these days that would last the test of time and extreme usage.
Your candlemaking supplies for pouring beeswax candles should include an enamel teapot I'm an enamel teapot... short and stout... here is my handle, here is my spout - for pouring beautiful beeswax candles
Over the years, we've made sure that special enamel teapots deserve special enamel teapot holders...
Making beeswax candles by the northern light of the sun with blocks of pure organic beeswax for candles Issy - enamel teapot lover #2
enamel teapot for pouring beeswax candles - first on your candle making supplies list Kylie - enamel teapot lover #3
enamel teapots are an essential tool for beeswax candlemaking Annoyingly, Tilly and his birthday celebrations got in the way of what would have been a great photo of enamel teapots... Enamel teapot lover #4
We've even had neighbours who have wanted to get in on the enamel teapot loving action (dress standards apply)...
enamel teapot, candlemaking supplies, beeswax candles Trent - enamel teapot lover extraordinaire
Over the same years we've always bought extra when we were ordering and offered them for sale with our candlemaking supplies. We ran out of the plain one's (the same as what we use) several years ago and were unable to source more, but recently we happened upon another batch. So, with no further ado, I present to you, the ultimate candle making (and tea making... and camping) accessory.... enamel teapots.
enamel teapots for beeswax candlemaking so you don't bumble beeswax candles Enamel teapots - available in pastel yellow, blue and green
... now available in pastel yellow, pastel blue and pastel green... made tough and built to last (if you keep from falling onto concrete... or tile... or any hard surface for that matter). Over and out. CB xx

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