Luxury is in the finer details

Luxury is in the finer details

qbfinerdetails For more than 14 years we have been lighting up lives with our handmade, pure, unadulterated, natural light. And after 2 years of development, we will very shortly be launching a stunning new luxury line of products. This whole process has allowed us to reflect on what our values are... they're old fashioned principles that have allowed us to become the premium brand of beeswax candles globally that we will be holding fast to as long as our products are lighting up your homes, businesses, weddings and events. We use 100% Pure Australian Beeswax At Queen B we only use 100% pure Australian beeswax in our candles – because it is Australian and of the highest quality in the world. Unfortunately, over 90% of candles sold in the market are made from paraffin – a petro-chemical by-product. Pure Australian beeswax costs around 50 times the price of bulk paraffin and 20 times the price of hydrogenated soy or palm oil. Australian beeswax is the most expensive beeswax in the world (because our wax is free from chemical miticides). There are plenty of cheaper offshore alternatives available, but we will never compromise. You can be confident that you will always get a superior product when you buy a Queen B Beeswax Candle.
qbwax Following the filtration process
We clean and filter our wax for 72 hours using a proprietary method prior to ever pouring a single candle from it. This is one of the primary differences between a Queen B beeswax candle and other beeswax candles on the market. Why? To ensure they burn beautifully! There are two major ingredients in any candle… wick & wax. The wick draws the wax up the wick (via capillary action) to fuel the flame. If there are impurities in the wax, that will affect the flame. Too much pollen (yellower waxes) and the candle will likely smoke, and drip. Too much propolis (browner waxes) and the candle will have a small flame and not burn properly. And then there's the dust in the wax because hives are often placed in national parks the presence of which will clog a candle wick. We have over 500 different pure cotton wicks to choose from when we’re working on a new candle. This is the second most important ingredient in any candle. To ensure we choose the ‘right’ wick, we do wick testing which can take many months. During wick testing, we film the candles burning, take photographs and have a half hourly alarm that goes off for us to visually observe the burn and make notes. Luxury is in the finer details of a product. By purchasing Queen B candles, not only are you getting an extra-ordinary gift for yourself or someone special, but you are also giving on many other levels - to your health (by purifying the air you breath), to the environment (no toxic smoke), to regional Australia (supporting beekeepers and their communities) and to a talented community of artisans (who assist with the making of Queen B candles). Browse our online shop HERE At Queen B we strive to create beautiful and stylish things that nourish the human spirit and nurture our environment. We would love you to join our community. You can do that by subscribing to our newsletters. We promise we won’t spam you.

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