Hand-Made with Love

Hand-Made with Love

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Made With Love

Regardless of where you sit on the ‘spiritual spectrum’, it is difficult to deny that a product made by a skilled and nurturing hand is generally superior to one churned out of a machine (there are, of course, many exceptions). It is little wonder then that many of the world’s luxury brands still choose to have their products made by hand as there is a level of care and attention that a product being made en masse just don’t have. There is a certain hallmark of a hand made product where every item is unique. Certainly in beeswax candle-making no two days are the same. Every candle is hand-poured or hand rolled. Every candle is hand wicked. Every candle is finished by hand. If you line up the tealights in a box, you will see that no two are exactly the same. So why do we continue with this (same may say foolhardy) method? It’s mainly due to honour. Showing honour to the bees and our beekeepers who work extraordinarily hard to make and then harvest a beautiful beeswax for us. And honouring you and your choice to spend your money on Queen B candles. It’s a choice that we’ve made in this fast paced, mass produced, compromising world to slow it down.

Queen B is team of 3!!

We may appear to be a large business, but Queen B is a team of 3! We have a part time candlemaker doing the poured candles and a part time order packer helping to pack the orders. Then there is Sarah, full time, who prepares the invoices, packs order, takes care of the retail store, answers the phone, responds to emails and enquiries, orders for the shop and business, makes a killer cup of tea and uploads product on the website. And there’s me doing the candle rolling, packaging design, bookkeeping, PR, marketing, newsletters, product development, painting, training and all logistics. At the end of every email you send, every order you place, every product review you write is either Sarah or myself grinning broadly (well, Sarah is British, so it would be the slightest of smiles, but I know she is bubbling with excitement deep down)!! pouring-tealights_emailWe LOVE your photographs. We LOVE your anecdotes. We LOVE knowing when we’ve done something well (and even when we haven’t). We LOVE it when you acknowledge the handwritten note with every order or the extra gift that we put in with larger order (about 98% of people don’t acknowledge the extra gift). We all genuinely care that you have an incredible experience with you come into contact with Queen B. We make by caring hand, we pack by loving hand because hands are one of the things that make human beings unique amongst mammals and we think it’s worth using them to good purpose. Share your photos with us anytime, and be sure to tag us when you post to Facebook or Instagram. And don't forget to sign up to our newsletter HERE for exclusive offers and updates on everything happening at the Hive.

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