Make Your Own Angel Wings Candles

Make Your Own Angel Wings Candles

Originally envisaged as a great school holiday activity for kids,
or a thoughtful, hand made teacher's gift,
I enjoyed making these so much
and the results were so stunning
that it would be a pity for anyone to miss out.

What you'll need:
Beeswax Taper Candles (12cm, 20cm, 30cm or hand rolled)
Rolll Your Own Kit


Begin by doing a Google search for angel wings drawings or if you prefer you can download the wings that we chose here (simply right click on each of the images and click Save to Disk).

Angel wings drawing for candle


Then cut out as many wings as you can from a sheet of wax in your Roll Your Own kit.  Move the sheet of wax around so that you use every spare centimeter that you can.

Once you've cut out as many wings as you need, simply use the warmth of your hands/fingers to push the wings into the candle.  If your hands are cold you can warm them under hot water.  You could also use a hairdryer on a gentle heat (but we didn't).
Watch the process here:
Hand Make Angel Wing Beeswax Candles for School Holiday Activity or Teachers Gifts

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