Make Your Own Pulse Point Rollon or Essential Oil Perfume

Make Your Own Pulse Point Rollon or Essential Oil Perfume

Our little range of Pulse Point Roll on’s just got a whole lot larger with the launch of everything you need to make your own favourite essential oil roll on. 

Simply choose your favourite 100% pure Essential Oil Blend or Pure Essential Oil, add a bottle of Jojoba oil to your cart (mix your essential oil at a 3% ratio) and add the Roll On Roller bottle et voila! 

Need a little pep up in the morning... Revitalise is our go to.

Prepare yourself for a better sleep with Relaxing.

I find I can’t get enough of myself with a little bit of Rosewood on my pulse points (its DIVINE) 😂

Best of all, we’ve taken the hard work out of finding an Australian essential oil company that has ethics in sourcing essential oils and ensures the purity of every batch of oil it buys by putting it through a rigorous testing procedure of 6 different tests that ensuring that you won’t be a victim of the fraud that is rampant globally in essential oils.  

After years of looking for the right essential oil company to work with, we found Buckley & Phillips and we’re happy to give them the Queen B seal of approval.  Started in 1972, the company is now managed by the second generation and all of their oils are bottled in Australia.  They also offer a large range of Australian essential oils that we stock.

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