Now my bees are media tarts

It's been an amazing few weeks for the girls. Content just to forage, pollinate and collect nectar and pollen they've stepped up their game playing host to media keen to see inside their home and the inner workings of their urban hive... and all without stinging a single visitor! Our girls have been hard at work making honey for TEDx Sydney and the amazing crowd-farmed food which fed the 2,200 attendees. This incredible initiative was put together by TEDxSydney Food Curator, Jill Dupleix, in collaboration with Jess Miller from Goody Two Shoes and Grow It Local, and the team at ARIA Catering. We were chuffed to be a part of it (and so delighted with how the girls rose to the occasion). First up, a video put together by Tim Brunero showing the actual harvest of the TEDx Sydney honey. What I particularly loved was that at the start Tim was fully suited and within 10 minutes he had his veil off and hand in the hive tasting the honey... not to mention having a go with the uncapping knife (& tasting more honey), spinning (tasting more honey) and offloading the honey (with a little more tasting). In the final frames he is crouched in front of the hive like a pro - 120,000 bees in boxes beside him and he, happy as Larry, a foot away. His childlike enthusiasm and delight seeing inside the hive, watching the bees and tasting their wares reminded me of how I felt the first time I saw in a beehive. It truly is wonderous. So enchanted was Tim with the whole experience that he invited me in to the ABC do an interview You can see the TEDxSydney crowd-farmed food video below Clearly my neighbours don't read my blog or watch TEDxSydney videos because I haven't had a knock on the door yet! When/if they do, they'll be rewarded with a jar of Neutral Bay's finest honey (the taste is enough to silence any critics). Lovely to be part of this community of urban growers... and proud of the hard work of the girls and their media savvy performance! Cate xx

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