Porcelain house candleholders

Porcelain house candleholders

I read today that there are only 11 days until Christmas... not sure what I thought the date was, but I certainly didn't think it was that close. We've got loads of lovely things in at the hive that I haven't found the time to tell you about yet. I'm aiming to get that fixed fast. First up are these stunning porcelain tealight houses Porcelain tealight house, porcelain candleholder, tealight holder, tlite, bees wax tea light candle holder

The Small Porcelain Tealight House candleholder is 15cm H x 7cm W and retails for $16.50.

Porcelain tealight house candle holder for pure beeswax tea light candle for festive table decoration
Small Porcelain Tealight House Candle holder
That Large Porcelain Tealight House Candle holder is 18cm H x 10cm W and retails for $22.00.
Porcelain candleholder house for tealight candles made from pure bee wax
Large Porcelain Tealight House Candle holder
I try not to buy things in that are too "occasion specific" because the last thing we want is things gathering dust in the cupboards for the majority of a year. I must say though that I'm always happy when something is great for an occasion and also perfect year round. I think these would make an absolutely stunning festive decoration with the lights from the beeswax tealight candle twinkling through the windows, but they'll also look great any time of year (particularly in winter)! I'll be back in the morning to tell you about some other great goodies! Cate xx

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