Queen B website v4.0 - what's new, what's improved and why

Queen B website v4.0 - what's new, what's improved and why

We used the Covid-19 outbreak to overhaul Queen B's online presence including rebuilding our entire store with a focus on what was or wasn't working for you guys (based on feedback) and what was or wasn't working for us based on hair greying. So, a few things you'll notice with the new website:

1. We've done away with the 'free' shipping.  There's no such thing as free shipping... the question is who pays for it.  And the reality is that with our last price increase being 7 years ago, we aren't in a position to pay for it without increasing our prices.  

So, do we increase pricing across the board or try to stave that off by just passing on the actual cost of shipping.  We thought you'd prefer the latter.  We also felt that the changes brought on by Covid-19 warranted a really honest conversation about the world you want to live in because ultimately the way you spend your hard earned will dictate the businesses that survive (or don't).

2. We've made it easier to understand the bulk options and discounts available with each of our beeswax basics - tealights, tapers, pillars and votives.  We achieve economies of scale packing larger orders and we pass on those savings to you.  Simple (and honest).

3. We've got more information on how best to burn the candle you're looking at, or burn time restrictions, information about cleaning tealight cups or cleaning beeswax wraps.  The information relevant to each product is at the bottom of each product page and is gold for getting the best out of your beeswax wares.

4. We're about to launch a new Rewards program (our first program overhaul in 20 years) which allows us to develop a richer and deeper connection with you, reward you in new and varied ways that aren't just based on how much you spend and to build a more interesting, viable, inspiring, life changing, artisan supporting, health changing, environmentally sustainable Queen B.  

Like every business, we will be in business only as long as you support that.  If we lose your because of something as stupid as passing on the cost of freight, I will obviously kick myself (as will my staff, beekeepers & bees)!  So, if that's the reason you stop ordering, please let me know.  I don't promise I'll do anything about it immediately but if enough of you say it's a problem, then we'll have to think of another way forward.

We hope you love the website and whether you're brand new to Queen B or you've been a customer for decades, we would LOVE your feedback.  Please go to the Contact Us page (top menu) and pop us an email.

Fingers, toes and bee wings crossed...

Cate, Swati, Amy, Helen, Kurshie, Aggie, Josephine, Olivia & Jack (the forklift)


  • Judith Jackson

    As I usually drop in to shop (& let’s face it, for a good long chin-wag) I haven’t spent much time on your site. Looking forward to now seeing it since I can no longer ‘stop & shop’ due to these crazy restrictions! xxx

  • Katerina

    Hya! Will you be offering your amazing Advent kit (candles & brass holder) this year? Cheers. xx

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