Tips for Better Burning

Tips for Better Burning

The wax we use to make Queen B candles is so pure that the flame can literally improve your day if you know how to get the best out of your candles.  So, here are a few tips (they're also on the packaging and everywhere else we can think of to write them) to help you get the best experience from your Queen B candles.

  1. Before you light your candle, ensure the wick is 7-10mm long (it's worth looking at a ruler to see how long this is because most people don't know what 7-10mm looks like)!

  2. Before lighting multiple candles, ensure there is a minimum of 5cm between candles in a cluster so that the flame of the shorter candles doesn't melt a hole in the side of the taller candles.

  3. To light your candle, aim the flame at the BASE of the wick... this is so that wick has an immediate source of fuel (ie the beeswax) to stay lit.  A well made beeswax candle will always have a waxed wick.

  4. Ensure that your wick is centred when the candle is burning to ensure that it burns evenly.  If you find that it is leaning to one side, light the candle, wait until there is a pool of wax and then use anything non-flammable to push the wick over until it is centred.

  5. It is not usually necessary to trim a wick while a beeswax candle is burning.  The exception is when you burn candles for very long periods of time and, as a beeswax candle is a natural ioniser and draws dust and impurities into the pool of wax, the wick can become clogged.  The top of the wick will look grey and ashen as it is dead and the flame becomes smaller.  If this happens, simply trim the top (or dead part) of the wick off.

  6. When it's time to put your candle out, the best method is to push the wick into the pool of wax and pop it out again). That stops the wick from smouldering and covers it with wax and ensures you don't get soot on your fingers when you trim the wick prior to lighting your candle the next time.

  7. Prior to relighting your candle, trim the wick again to 7-10mm

  8. Yes, keeping your candles in the fridge does give you a longer burn time overall. I personally prefer to keep my fridge for fresh produce and fermented grape juice, but each to their own.

Happy burning!

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