Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra

Several years ago one of my sister's gave me an absolutely spectacular candleholder. Bought in London and weighing in at almost 15kg's (it's solid cast iron and at the time was packaged in it's own wooden box), she'd brought it back for me as hand luggage!! Her efforts were well worth it as it's my go to holder when I'm entertaining or on those nights when I just need a little extra something special. More recently I loaned it to a friend for an art installation, the success of which saw my candelabra touring Australia. Keen to get it back, I sourced him a new one and at the same time sourced a few extra - one for him, one for Joost, one for the shop and one for you! Brutalist and industrial, stylish yet functional the Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra is a statement piece which takes its inspiration from the robust components of bridges and engines from the Victorian era. An inverted mobile holding 5 candles (choose between tapers, tealights or Solid Pillars - or mix them up), the arms spin allowing you to direct light where you'd like it. Height: 55cm (21.6"), Width 105cm (41.3") Coming in at just over $1,000 I appreciate that the pricing makes it a very special piece indeed (and that I have a VERY generous sister... or she's allaying her guilt for telling me I was adopted for all of those years!) BUT I have to say, that if happiness could be bought, this would be high on the list of objects that create it! We're throwing in 5 x 20cm Solid Beeswax Taper candles so that you can fire her up as soon as she arrives! Note: it no longer comes in a wooden box
Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra (with a few of my other favourite things at the hive!)
tom-dixon-spin-candelabra Spin with a little more light
Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra from around the interwebs! Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra from around the interwebs!
Spin Candelabra at Joost's place Spin Candelabra at Joost's place

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