We need your opinion to help us pick our new design

We need your opinion to help us pick our new design

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your eyes (and opinion)... This is the second year of our collaboration with the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) and the submissions for our design competition have been fantastic. So fantastic our judging panel - Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and myself - were divided. With a 2:1 split we've voted (and a judging panel winner has been picked) but ultimately the vote that counts the most to me is the vote from you as one of our tribe. Hopefully being given a voice is enough to encourage you to vote, but we're adding an incentive. We'll be picking a winner from all the comments posted on our blog, Facebook & Instagram who will get a pack of candles in the design chosen for us to add to our range. Consisting of a 10cm medium, 15cm medium and 20cm fat hand-rolled pillar candle the pack is valued at over $200. Voting closes at 5pm on Friday, 7th November 2014 with the winner (both the design and the commenter!) announced on Monday, 10th November 2014. Following are the chosen finalists (from 23 designs submitted) - in alphabetical order! We're also, for the first time, considering whether to offer the design in the 3 colours chosen by the designer (each height will be one colour) or whether to continue with how we do all of our existing designs which is that all sizes come in the one colour.

To be in the running for the prize pack, write a note in the comments field below telling us: - which is your favourite design and why - your favourite colour (of the 3 shown) or whether you think we should offer it in all 3 colours shown

Which design is simply so stunning that you'd have to have it (or that you'd have to get it for someone special in your life)?! Ultimately the 'best' design is the design that people will buy because that is the only way that we achieve our goals of lighting up lives, supporting Australian beekeepers, developing artisan skills and ensuring that if you're burning candles, you're burning pure beeswax candles!
ISCD surface design pure beeswax candles Queen B interior design collaboration Beaded - Old Gold, Indigo and/or Hemlock?
ISCD surface design collaboration with Queen B - design focused pure beeswax candles Celebration - Burnt Orange, Spring Green, Powder Blue
ISCD Queen B design collaboration - bringing designer values to beeswax candles Lily - Charcoal, Silver, White
Designer beeswax candles - who thought non toxic could look so good Nectar - Mint, Cool Grey, White
Design collaboration ISCD and Queen B - beautiful and functional beeswax candles Spring - Morning Glory, Magneta, White
Non toxic candles for the stylish home - collaboration ISCD and Queen B pure beeswax candles Windsor - Gold, Silver, Copper

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