You say it's citronella you want? Well then, here's a citronella offering!

For years now we've been asked for citronella candles and for years we've said no because that would make the candles toxic to burn (you can read more about that in our post on Fragranced Candles - The Hidden Risks). So, have I lost my mind in telling you we now have a citronella offering? Have I compromised on our values? NO to both questions... I just found a fantastic, Australian made and owned product that isn't a scented (toxic to burn) candle. In August I spent 3 days going through the Gift & Homewares shows. It was soul destroying... approximately 95% of what I saw was mass produced, faux French, faux copper, faux rust product made overseas. In about 8 football fields worth of exhibitors (that's over 6,000 exhibitors) I brought back information on 4. Flame in a Can was one of them. So, here's a little of what got me excited. Flame in a Can is: • SAFE - only burns on the wick, so no risk of fuel spillage fires • clean burning – no black smoke; no nasty fuel smell; eco-friendly • self-contained - no pouring required; easy to use; just open the lid and light the wick • long lasting – each tin gives up to 6 hours burn time; can be extinguished and re-lit any time • wind-resistant – the large, attractive flame will stay alight even in strong winds • good value - low cost + long burn time + no waste = good value • made in Australia Finally, a citronella solution for your outdoor, alfresco dining without compromising our integrity. You can have your Flame in a Can under the table (we'd suggest putting it in a terracotta pot so that they don't get kicked over) and your Queen B candles on the table! OK, so they suggest putting it on the table and say all sorts of things about candles that we KNOW don't apply to Queen B candles, but I personally don't think a can with a flame is a stylish table decoration no matter what they say! I'd stick to having it under the table! Then again, I don't think a fake, plastic, battery operated candle is attractive either and yet there are obviously thousands who do based on their proliferation! We've got 2 options available for Flame in a Can: • Individual can - $9.95 • Box of 6 cans - $49.95 (that's 1 can for free) You've got to love it when you find a solution to what seems like an insurmountable problem! Cate xx

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