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Queen B Frequent Foragers Program

I have spent a lot of time over-analysing Queen B!  The breadth of what I think about is extensive, so I'll spare you most of it.  The part I do want to share in this post is my thinking about how we've survived this long, how I would like Queen B to grow and thrive, and one of the things I'm doing about it!

Making and selling what would be considered a luxury good during a global financial crisis is tough... particularly when you're operating on narrow margins.  I am convinced that one of the reasons we have survived is because our customers are extraordinarily loyal (and probably consider lighting a candle an affordable luxury).  I highlight "extraordinarily" because I genuinely believe that what we have is special and unique.

With 15 years in the corporate sector prior to launching into Queen B full-time, I've seen companies that make decisions based only on what is best for the company and then wonder why their customers aren't loyal.  What I have learned with Queen B is that loyalty can't actually be bought, it must be earned.  And perhaps more importantly, it is a two way street.  That got me thinking.

We have a disproportionate number of customers who buy Queen B candles either because they received one as a gift, or because they have experienced them at the home of a friend.  We particularly want to reward our customers who are passionate about Queen B candles.  Who help us spread the word in the absence of an advertising budget!  Who think of us for gifts for friends.  Who consider a little natural beeswax candle light as being an important part of their lives...

Which is a really long winded way of getting to my point...

Coinciding with the launch of our new website (in fact it was one of the major reasons for overhauling our site) is the launch of our new Queen B Frequent Foragers Program.  Every dollar that you spend with Queen B online (excluding postage) goes towards increasing your loyalty reward.  Adam, clever web guy, has even managed to migrate all of your previous orders into the new system, so your reward level is based on all of your online orders to date.  The rewards are as follows:

  • once you've spent $1000 online with Queen B, we'll give you 3% off your future online orders
  • once you've spent $2000 online with Queen B, we'll give you 4% off your future online orders
  • once you've spent $3000 online with Queen B, we'll give you 5% off your future online orders
  • once you've spent $4000 online with Queen B, we'll give you 6% off your future online orders
  • once you've spent $5000 online with Queen B, we'll give you 7% off your future online orders

Your Frequent Foragers reward applies IN ADDITION to any other special offer that we may have on at the time.  Most importantly the rewards are real.  They apply to every item on our website.  And whilst it may seem like a lot to spend (and it is a lot to spend), I am sure that if you think through how much you spend on gifts during the year (think: thank you gifts, birthday gifts, feel better gifts, I'm sorry gifts, I think I'm meant to be sorry gifts, I like you a lot gifts, I love you gifts, I appreciate you gifts, cheer up gifts, christmas gifts, congratulations gifts, gifts for new mums etc) you'll probably find that we have something perfect and that you'll be earning rewards in no time at all.

Now for the fine print:

1. There may be times when we offer some extra-special deal so generous that we need to withhold the loyalty reward just for that time. We reserve the right to do that, but will never do so unreasonably.

2. We reserve the right to change the program (I am not anticipating doing this, but I know enough about the surprises of business to know that unforeseen things happen and that we need flexibility to change with the times).  Our two core drivers will remain that a) the business is viable, and b) our customers are not just happy, but absolutely delighted.


The universe has a funny way of playing games... just as I am writing about how big companies just don't understand the REAL meaning of loyalty I've just seen an NRMA ad about their 'loyalty' program.  As an NRMA customer, I wasn't feeling it!

Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

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