3 Days of Darkness

      The Three Days of Darkness is a prophecy of three days and nights of intense darkness over earth, held by somCatholics to be true. During the Darkness, there will be no light (no sun light, no moon light, no star light, no man made light (or electricity)) except for the light of blessed, 100% pure beeswax candles.  It is said that no other candle, or beeswax candle of any mixture, will light.

      From a religious (and commonsense - Ed.) point of view, wax produced by the honeybee is the sweetest and purest of any candle wax.  It is produced by bees consuming honey, with honey itself a symbol for the sweetness of the word of God. Christ identifies himself as the Light of the World and he says in Luke 12:49, “I have come to light a fire on the Earth. How I wish the blaze were ignited!”  

      Arguably ANY candle lit in the name of Christ, at ANY time, should be 100% pure if it is to truly represent his light.  For if Christ is the light of the world, the purest light there is, what implication is made about Christ by lighting a 51% beeswax candle?

      These candles do not come pre-blessed as it is not in accordance with Canon Law to sell anything that has been blessed.  Should you wish to have these blessed please do so upon receipt.

      A word about the stated burn time of candles

      A candle that is lit and then put out and allowed to cool until the next time it is lit again, will burn for longer than a candle that is lit and allowed to burn from start to finish.  This is part physics and part chemistry and you should ask your questions of God, a physicist or a chemist as I am but a humble beeswax chandler!

      For instance, a "7-8hr" Tealight candle will actually burn for 9 - 10 hours if it is burned for 2 hours or so per session!  The most important thing to remember is to allow the candle (and any candle in our range) to burn it’s full width or it never has the opportunity to consume all of the wax that those extraordinary female worker bees have made.  

      Given the importance of the burn time end to end, without extinguishing, we have specifically test burned these candles in this manner to give you an accurate burn time for that burning pattern.  

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      2 products