A Beautiful Message

A Beautiful Message


I received this beautiful email from the winner of our Black Label competition. Thank you so much Storm. x

Hi Cate

As our 4 year old daughter would say "WOOWZERS!"

Thank you so much, I am thrilled to have won. I was more than happy to provide reviews, I had forgotten to do so after purchasing so it was a good reminder.

I was reading a book, set back in 1700 in Holland, when the Dutch were the trading powerhouse of the world. A scene was set whereby the normal candles in the house were replaced with the good bees wax candles as guests were coming and the house smelt of honey. I was intrigued, so set about looking for large wide but not supper tall candles to go in our hurricane lanterns. I googled and found a few sites and upon my research - I am pretty thorough when I decide to look into something, I found your site. I was impressed and read all your points about why bees wax is so good, and loved it was 100% Australian and glad to hear you are working to protect our bees, as I get a little patriotic that we have the cleanest bees in the world.

So I took the leap of faith and was so impressed. The box they arrived in was a delight. My husband was so impressed (candles are not his thing) after what he saw on the bench he read your packaging and was telling the guys whom work for him how great these candles are after we tested the long ones at dinner that night - the girls loved them because who doesn't love long candles sticks on the dinner table. Still amazed they do not drip! I shared the card and tiny mini candle that came in the packaging with my friend who was returning to work after her first baby. She too was impressed.

So thank you again for selecting me to be your winner, I am genuinely thrilled and cannot wait to have my house smelling of honey and bees wax. Regardless I will still continue to tell people how much we enjoy your candles.


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