Enhancing Life

Enhancing Life

paul-obyrne-votives I cannot think of many moments in life that aren’t enhanced by the light of a beeswax candle… be it bookkeeping (yes, that’s one of my favourite uses!), winding down at the end of the day, making a bath a real luxury, providing the ambience for a dinner party, spring cleaning (the ionising properties of beeswax candles will help make the job easier!), lighting up a wedding or event, helping with focus during meditation or yoga… the list is endless. As I admit to complete and utter bias, I thought I’d share a small selection of the letters and emails we’ve received from customers over the years about how Queen B candles have enhanced their lives. Winding down after work “I bought a beautiful gift for my best friend but not before buying a couple of candles just for me!!! I love them. I burn them and feel an immediate sense of peace.... So, thank you for doing what you do. I come home from work, light my candles and my heart feels an immediate wave of peace and clarity. I can't pass my candles without admiring the poise of the flame and the unique way the wax melts and shapes the candles into what I believe is a temporary piece of artwork.” R Gangemi Family time “For Earth Hour ourselves, we started at 7.30, eating dinner by candlelight. The dinner table was covered in candles and the kids went to bed at 8.30 by candlelight. The kids enjoyed it all so much that they have asked if we can do it regularly.” C Martin Day to day life for someone with chemical sensitivities “About 20 years ago I started learning about and experiencing the benefits of using pure beeswax candles as I had been diagnosed as being extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and all chemicals. Using pure beeswax candles for all my lighting over a 5 year period helped me to overcome the worst of my sensitivities.” F Dodd Transforming your workplace “Since discovering Queen B candles I no longer burn anything else and tell all and sundry just how beautiful they are and that the aroma is just delicious. I've even given my workplace a treat and taken tealights in to burn during the day (perhaps more for me than anything!)” S Hirst Stress Management “I will admit to taking long deep breaths of a Queen B candle during moments of stress!! I will also say that it has an instant calming effect on me as well, and it's so good to hear that I'm not the only one who does it!!” L Rorison Adding atmosphere “A belated thank you for helping us out with the candles for our 'Greening the Wharf' dinner for Al Gore last week. It was a great night and the candles added to the atmosphere.” C Blanchette Lighting up a wedding or event “we were totally happy with the 9 hour tea light candles we used at our Wedding, lots of guests commented on how gorgeous all the candles looked - they created such warm, magical atmosphere, helping to make the room look truly beautiful, and with no yucky/toxic smoke to boot! And my husband Mathew was very impressed that they did indeed burn for the whole Reception. I would recommend them to anyone.” Z Barram
the-creatives-perth_0168 Photo courtesy of Luisa Brimble/ Stacey Clark, The Creatives
Lifestyle shift “Recession be damned, relaxing by candle light is part of a lifestyle shift for people who want to turn off the endless stimulation, the TV, and have quality time.” E Kent Increasing vibrational energy “Thanks so much for doing that for me . You going out of your way is very much appreciated, believe me. The purity of your candles over the last year have enabled us to increase the overall vibrational energy within our work probably 10 fold.” A Hill Improving focus and sense of wellbeing “I'm working from home today. And lit 4 candles in the room that I'm working in ... and I swear they've helped me focus and just helped my general sense of wellbeing.” M Owens … I can also attest to having a few candles lit in my peripheral vision whenever I’m doing bookkeeping as a way of keeping calm doing something that I really don’t enjoy doing!! Lessening hayfever “What a delight - and as an unexpected side effect (aside from the delightful smell of honey through the house) my hayfever has lessened. I won't say that it's completely resolved my hayfever, but it's had a significant impact I must say.” C Greval Lighting up childbirth “Thank you, I received your candles just in time - my little girl was born 10 days early! Your candles created a beautiful light for our home birth, so thanks for all your efforts to send them quickly to us. And I stilll have plenty for peaceful evenings ahead!” L O’Grady
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Therapeutic benefits “I just wanted to share with you guys that I'm a hypnotherapist and I leave an oil burner going in my clinic room all day. Yesterday I switched out the old paraffin tealight candles with Queen B beeswax ones, and I couldn't help but notice my clients and I were drifting off to an even deeper trance than we usually do! Great stuff!” M Tran Spring Cleaning “I recently bought one of your value packs to test out the Queen B candles, and the verdict is that I love, love them! I'm in a little fit of spring cleaning at the moment, and as part of it, out went 50+ tealights from IKEA (which in comparison don't smell very nice at all..) as well as some fragranced candles from PartyLight (they smell nice until one burns them, and then they are overpowering and irritate my nose...) I have loved candles for as long as I can remember, a quality inherited from my Dad. We will both be using only Queen B from now on!” C Watts Providing comfort “There aren’t enough words to express our love, thanks and gratitude for all that you did for us… G & S’s service was beautiful and having them surrounded by your loving, sweet light made it just perfect. … we have continued to light your candles each night since and they have provided us with much comfort over the past two months. … you provided us with such beautiful light during the darkest time of our lives.” Names withheld for privacy Share your story of how Queen B Candles enhance your life. Send us an email, or post a photo to Facebook or Instagram - and tag us so that we can share in your beautiful moments. Browse our online shop HERE At Queen B we strive to create beautiful and stylish things that nourish the human spirit and nurture our environment. We would love you to join our community. You can do that by subscribing to our newsletters. We promise we won’t spam you.

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