How to celebrate the Queen's birthday?… with a tea(light candles) sale

Winter finally seems to have finally got her claws into Sydney, the cold and grey days brightened by the number of candles lit at the hive. It's a lucky fortune, I realise, that we get to light such magnificence daily and it's a lucky fortune that I love to share. As you may have noticed, I've also been pondering gratitude, generosity, gift giving, card writing and all those wonderful things recently because I have a lot of it in my life. Putting all of it together, I decided that one of the keys to spreading the light, brightening up the short winter days was to do an uber special, Queen B's Long Weekend Sale. All offers are open until midnight on 10th June 2014. And I've also been giving some thought as to how you can share the light without breaking the bank and came up with a few ideas on that front too. So, here we go. Firstly, the most popular candles in our range - our pure beeswax tealight candles. We've got the following special offers: Queen B beeswax candles don't bumble beeswax Secondly, my favourite candles in our range - our Bee Light candles. I often send these out as a random gifts of light packaged in a brown envelope (as you see below)… I've loaded them up with an option INCLUDING SHIPPING for an additional $3 (i.e. our usual $11 flat rate shipping for orders 10% off so we'll pay the shipping cost for you. Ensure a happy flame with your beeswax candles with these bee lights And as a final addition to the plethora of queenie b's day long weekend specials, I came up with a way of sharing pure beeswax tealight love at a lower cost. Why not buy a bulk carton of tealight candles and put together your own smaller packs. I've loaded up an option to purchase the sinamay bags we use with a swing tag for $2.00 each. Buy a bulk carton of tealights. Grab a few bags. Use some of the tealights for yourself and give some as gifts. sustainable packaging with queen b beeswax candles for a happy flame That's all for now folks :-) I hope you're having a gorgeous long weekend and hope that we'll be lighting up the long nights for you through winter. Cate xx

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