If you have nothing illuminating to say, don't say anything at all

I've had a rule at Queen B for the past decade which is that having access to someone's inbox is a privilege and if I don't have anything befitting that privilege to say, then I stay quiet. It seems to breach every currently practiced law of marketing, but then again I've always marched to the beat of my own drum... Funny, I just caught myself out... I was about to say "I don't like to follow rules" but if you saw the list of rules that I live my life by you'd laugh. Let's just say that my rules are a bit different to normal business rules! So, why the blog post then? Two reasons... firstly, the volume of emails and calls from you guys checking in to see whether I was OK has been escalating! (heartening to know you care). Secondly, we've been doing a big clean up from last year and "Second's World" at the hive is full and needs emptying. And that means there are some bargains to be had. Here's a list of what we've got going (on a first come, first served basis):
bargain beeswax candles with slight blemishes A brief glimpse into the delights awaiting homes in Seconds World
You know what else I've realised in writing this post?... I've actually missed it. You know how when a loved one has been away for a while and you're a little anxious about their return? Will it be the same? Will they still like me? (does my bottom look big in this?!) Sure, I promise (again) to only write when I feel I have something interesting and/or edifying and/or relevant to say BUT in truth I think I was just having a bit of trouble getting back on this horse. Now that I'm here, I'm wondering what I've been fussing over. It's great to be back. May 2014 be happy, healthy, fun, filled with laughter and may it be filled with the beautiful light that nature provided for us in the guise of beeswax candles. (Belated) happy new year loved ones. Cate xx

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