Lessons Learned and Queen B Mentorship Applications open

It's my 'work from home day' today... which is usually far more stressful than working from work where I get distracted constantly! This morning I took the opportunity to listen to a podcast by Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge. If you run a small business, it is 17 minutes well spent. You can find the podcast here. If you don't have 17 minutes, you can read the notes I made here Grace Bonney – 20121105 After The Jump - Notes from Lessons I've Learned I am a big believer in things happening for a reason. While I have been aware of Grace's radio show for a while, I have never actually found the time to listen. Today I did and it was a gift. I've learned, or am learning, all of the same lessons. I have made, or am currently making (:-)) all of the same mistakes. I am proud of some of the same things and learning to be proud of others. I feel that one thing missing is a formalised way of giving back/helping out. My philosophy has always been to run the business on low margins and rather give back every step of the way. However, it dawned on me that there is more that I can be doing in helping to mentor other businesses, manufacturers and/or designers. On that note, I'm announcing a Queen B Mentorship for 2013. Applications are open whether you are starting out in business or a little along the path... whether you're a producer or a reseller... whether you're a designer or a manufacturer. The mentorship will consist of 5 x 1hr one-on-one sessions - in person or on skype. We can agree upfront on a formal table of topics of interest, or you can use me more informally as a sounding board. Application form here Queen B 2013 Mentorship Application Applications close on 26th November 2012.

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