So, What Inspired the Black Label Range?

So, What Inspired the Black Label Range?

Queen B Beeswax Candles On the cusp of the launch of our Black Label range, I thought it may be interesting to share a little of the thinking and inspiration that has gone into creating the range. It all began over 2 years ago visiting my sister who lives in London. I took myself off to Liberty and eventually made my way to the candle department where I tried to imagine Queen B candles on the shelves. If you know me you'll know I have a pretty wild imagination, but even I struggled to see it!! Every brand they stocked had exquisite packaging. I knew hand on heart that a Queen B candle is a far superior in wax, ethics, integrity and burning performance, but I was letting the bees down by not creating packaging that communicated wordlessly the quality of what was in the box. And so the idea for our Black Label range was planted. What followed was a few months of working out what we wouldn't change for Black Label and what the difference with Black Label would be. I have now shared some of that with you in the series of blog posts we have rolled out over the last 7 days. Check them out if you haven't already. As we barrel towards the launch of Black Label, I guess like anyone launching something that's important to them, my stomach is churning and hoping that I haven't oversold the entire thing! Like a mother introducing the world to her new child (this one with a 2 year gestation), I just want everyone to think her beautiful! Thanks for being on this journey with us and thanks for allowing us the privilege of lighting up your life (and hopefully those of your friends, family and colleagues).

We're so excited to be bringing you something that we believe is truly extraordinary tomorrow...

With enormous thanks from the team at the hive.

Cate xx

Black Label

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