3 Days of Darkness - 100 hour Plain Column - 100% Pure Beeswax candle

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This candle has a burn time of over 100 hours when burned continuously... safely exceeding the time required for the Darkness.

A candle burned continuously (ie without extinguishing and relighting) has a different burn time to a candle which is lit for a period of time, then put out and allowed to cool, and then relit for a period of time.  Because of the importance of the burn time requirement for the Darkness, we have test burned our candles under these conditions and can guarantee this burn time. 

H: ~25cm
W: ~7.5cm
Burn time: over 100 hours when burned continuously

Note: Due to its width, this candle needs to be burned for periods of 3 hours or more at a time.

Benefits of burning beeswax candles

Every Queen B candle is made with 100% pure Australian beeswax plus a pure cotton wick. Nothing else. No fillers. No fragrances. No soy, palm or paraffin wax… just the purest beeswax in the world. There are many benefits of this approach:

  1. our candles all burn with an golden aura-ed flame that is larger than their toxic cousins (because of the high melting point of the wax we can use a larger wick) throwing more light;
  2. they burn significantly longer than any non-beeswax candles of a similar size;
  3. they purify the air via ionisation and have significant health benefits especially for those of us suffering from respiratory problems like asthma;
  4. using them is good for your health, good for Australian beekeepers, good for the regional communities they live in, good for farmers who rely on bees for pollination, good for national parks and state forests, good for the environment, good for artisan skills, good for Australian jobs and because of all of that, good for you!!