$390 Quarterly Subscription (~$30pw) + 12.5% value

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"According to Roy Morgan Research, if every household spent an additional $10 a week on Australian Made products, for a year, it would inject an extra $5 billion into the economy each year and create up to 11,000 new jobs."

Let's up the ante and really put a kick into jobs and the economy with $30pw (although we'll only charge you quarterly) and we'll throw in an extra 12.8% value to sweeten the deal.  That's like getting 12.8% off EVERYTHING.

That's right, purchase a $390 subscription, and we'll give you $440 to spend (including on already discounted products). 

Minimum subscription is 2 quarters (to stop people from gaming the system).  The benefit for you is locking in extra value and the benefit we need in return is certainty of income by locking in sales.

Please note: The full amount must be used in a single transaction and is valid for one year. Unfortunately due to software limitations this amount cannot be used for shipping or in conjunction with other discount codes.

Common questions:

When will I receive my voucher / discount code?
Within 1 business day (it is done manually so we need to be at work to do it)!

How long do I have to use the subscription voucher code?
You have 12 months to use that discount code.  Some customers seem to be choosing to save them up to do their Christmas shopping at a discount and others use them pretty much as soon as we send the code through to them.  It is completely up to you as to how and when you spend it.

Can I buy anything I like / do I need to buy the same thing each time?
You can put anything you like in your cart and then use that discount code (ie we assume you’re going to buy different things each quarter or whatever takes your fancy each time).  There is no restriction on what you can buy with the discount code.

Are there any limitations?
The limitations (which are limitations of the software)
1. the discount code must be used in one transaction
2. the code won’t apply to the cost of shipping
3. Shopify (the platform our website is on because it is the securest ecommerce platform in the world) doesn’t allow customers to use multiple discount codes per order.  So, you can buy already discounted products (like bulk packs or things that are on sale or marked down), but you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of a discount code offer from the newsletter and then also use this discount code because it doesn’t know how to do that.
$390 Quarterly Subscription (~$30pw) + 12.5% value