Solid Pillar Starter Pack (>2-3 hrs burning per occasion)

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Beeswax Pillar candles are for longer burn times... a minimum of 2 hours for the 8cm & 15cm Solid Pillars and a minimum of 3 hours for the Squat Pillar.  You can also burn them for anything between the minimum and as long as the entire candle takes to burn (ie there is no need to put them out after a certain number of hours).

What happens if you don't let them burn for the minimum burn time?  If it happens on the odd occasion, beeswax candles are very forgiving and will simply work things out for themselves.  Any more than 1 occasion in a row and you will begin to build up thick walls on the outside of the candle which makes it difficult for the wick to draw oxygen and ultimately leads to a disappointing experience which is entirely preventable by choosing the right candles for your burn times.

This pack includes:

1 x 8cm Solid Pillars | Box of 2
1 x 15cm Solid Pillar
1 x Squat Pillar

All of our Solid Pillar candles are designed to consume every drop of wax they can, so please ensure you burn them on a fire proof and heat safe container or plate.