Taper Starter Pack (no minimum burn time)

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If you burn candles for anything less than 1 hour at a time, these are the best candles for you.  You can burn them for as short as a few minutes or as long as the entire length of the candle.

This pack includes:

1 x 12cm Tapers | Box of 4 (Burn Time ~6 hrs each)
1 x 20cm Tapers | Box of 4 (Burn Time ~12 hrs each)
1 x Bee Lights | Box of 10 (Burn Time ~3 hrs each)

Our Taper candles are the global standard 21mm's wide.  They should fit all candle holders designed for taper candles.  Our Bee Lights range in width from 7-9mm and will fit in all Queen B candle holders (or, have fun making one with clay or FIMO or bluetac etc). 

The most important thing to know about tapers is that any taper (pure beeswax or other waxes) will drip in a breeze.  A 'breeze' includes open windows, a fan, air conditioning etc... basically any air movement. 

If the flame of the candle is 'dancing', then the candle will most likely drip.  If you prefer a non-drip experience, move it out of the draft.