Tealight Starter Pack (>2 hr burning per occasion)

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You would typically need to burn a beeswax tealight candle for a minimum of 2 hours at a time to allow it to burn out to the edge of the cup.  You can burn them for as short as a couple of hours or as long as the entire candle burn time.

The idea of the Tealight Starter Pack is for you to be able to determine whether beeswax tealight candles suit your lifestyle and whether you prefer clear cups or metal cups (both of which can go in kerbside recycling when you're finished with them) and whether buying refills is workable for you.

This pack includes:

1 x 4 hour Tealights (metal cups) | Box of 9
1 x 4 hour Tealights (clear cups) | Box of 5
1 x 4 hour Tealight (refills) | Box of 24


To clean your tealight cups, simple pop them in the fridge or freezer overnight (this makes the wax brittle so it doesn't stick to the cup) and then tap it upside down on your bench or pick the wax out when it is still cold.