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Surviving the summer heat - Banana Smoothies

We're in the middle of a bit of a heatwave in Sydney at the moment, and it's even hotter when you're working with molten beeswax.

So, I've been making banana smoothies at the hive to keep the troopies watered, motivated and with a big potassium, vitamin B and protein injection (not to mention calcium)!


1 x banana
organic yoghurt (as much as you feel like)
organic milk (cows are happier)
honey (to taste) - I use Australian Mahogany honey (from eucalyptus robusta) for its rich, treacle like flavour
ice (lots)
bee pollen (sprinkle on top of shake after blending)


Blend... lots! Sprinkle a little honey and bee pollen on top.  You could also add spirulina if you like.








Apologies for the dirty bench... we were all too excited to start drinking, so the photographs were a little secondary to the whole thing!

If you have other great recipes with honey in it, please feel free to share.



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