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More porcelain domes... and new porcelain cups

OK, I know, it's been a while since I last wrote but it has been a crazy 6 weeks or so.  That means I've got LOTS to update you on so this will be an active little blog over the next week.

First up, because we've just unpacked them all and we're loading things on the website as we speak, we've got a whole load of new porcelain tealight candleholder domes in and we've also started stocking the porcelain cups in a variety of beautiful designs.  Retailing at $11.95 (for the cup) and $24.95 (for the dome) these are always one of our best-selling gifts.

Here's a few of the new cup designs:

Porcelain cup tealight candle holder - Dandelion


Porcelain cup tealight candleholder - Roses


Porcelain candle holder tealight cup - Dragonfly


Porcelain candle holder tealight cup - Chinese Blossom


Porcelain candleholder tealight cup - Cherubs


Porcelain candleholder tealight cup - Hanging Blossoms


Black porcelain tealight candle holder cup - Filigree Dragonfly



And as if they aren't tempting enough, we have lots of new designs in the domes as well.  Clever people.


Porcelain dome tealight holder - Filigree Butterfly


Porcelain dome tealight candleholder - Frangipani


Porcelain dome tealight candleholder - Sunflower


Porcelain dome tealight candleholder - Filigree Heart


Black porcelain dome tealight candleholder - Filigree Dragonfly


Black porcelain dome tealight candle holder - Filigree Butterfly


Black porcelain dome tealight candleholder - Tulip


Porcelain dome tealight candleholder - Bluebells & Butterflies




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